Terms and Conditions

Service Plan:

During the consultation, a service plan will be completed which will outline the services that will be provided on a reoccurring or a one-off appointment. A quote will be discussed during the consultation and emailed within 24 hours. Prior to services commencing, the quote must be signed by the client, agreeing to the quotation and to the terms and conditions provided on our website.


After the services are completed, you will be invoiced within 7 days. The invoice is to be paid within 7 days of the invoice billing date. Bedrest Solutions will email a receipt within 48 hours after payment is received.

Additional Services:

The lifestyle manager will do their best to arrange additional services at the earliest convenience to both parties if this is requested, subject to availability. The client will be issued with an additional charge for additional services.

The consultation is a time for all parties to discuss the nature of the services. We may not offer all services needed by the client. In this case, the lifestyle manager may refer you to the appropriate service, outsource to an independent service with the client’s permission or we may decline the service. We do not provide medical services or counselling services.


The cost of the services will be discussed with the client during the consultation. The rates we charge vary for the type of service, the location of the service and if the service was a last-minute request. We reserve the right to change our rates that we charge in future agreements. All prices include GST. A minimum of one hour service is required at the time of booking.

Third Party Providers:

Fees do not include invoices from third party providers. Where we supply any goods or services provided by a third party, we do not give any guarantee or warranty as to the fitness for purpose or quality of the goods or services. The client will be requested to seek compensation for any loss or damage suffered from the third party directly.

Payment options:

Account name: Bedrest Solutions

BSB: 062 340

Account: 1064 5234


Late payments:

In cases of late payments, Bedrest Solutions reserves the right to terminate services.


Please phone or email (and wait for confirmation) for all cancellations. Excessive cancellations may lead to cessation of services. Please be sure of all dates and times when scheduling the services. Calling to cancel on the morning of a scheduled visit or 2 hours prior to the visit is inappropriate. We understand that emergencies arise, and that on occasion you may need to cancel services at short notice, but please reserve cancellations for emergencies only. The client will be subject to a $50 cancellation fee if cancellation is within 24 hours prior to services being provided.

Our services:

Our service members will:

  • Confirm appointments through text messages the day before.
  • Aim to arrive to the scheduled appointment at the time specified, however there may be a variance of 30mins to allow for traffic and road conditions.
  • The service member will complete all items on the service plan. If additional services are requested, the service member will either provide the extra services and charge an additional amount, or schedule an appointment for another time and provide an additional invoice.


Our service members will not:

  • Complete services during the summer months without adequate cooling.
  • Complete services with unsupervised pets or children unless this has been agreed to within the service plan.

Community Support:

We provide free support to clients in the form of general informative tips and inspiration. Any information provided by Bedrest Solutions is to be used at the readers own discretion and not to be used as advice for your personal situation. Bedrest Solutions is not a health care provider.



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