Founder and Director Vanessa Fritz was prescribed bedrest from 28 weeks pregnant and was told to enjoy putting her feet up. She soon found this easier said than done! With baby items to stock, a nursery to complete and household chores mounting up, bedrest became more difficult by the day. Vanessa knew there had to be a better way though and that’s where Bedrest Solutions was born.

Our aim is this: We want to make everyone’s pregnancy journey a happy one! We all have this concept of pregnancy as a joyfull one with glowing skin and luscious hair, until we experience it ourselves and find out how much there has to be done before the baby comes all while creating a human being.

Bedrest Solutions is a Sydney based maternity concierge service that personalises its services to meet the needs of any expectant mother. Our team is comprised of experienced baby helpers, event designers and dedicated service staff, that work together to make sure your organised and baby ready!


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