How to plan a Gender Reveal Party: Your Questions Answered

Gender reveal

When Should I have it?

You shouldn’t have it too close to the baby shower, if you are celebrating a baby shower too or it will seem too much at one time. You normally find out about 20 weeks what gender it is, but keep some time in between in case your baby doesn’t want to reveal their gender and you have to schedule another scan. Your baby shower is normally in your third trimester. Another idea is to reveal the gender at your baby shower.

Who to invite?

Just keep it to close friends and family. Distant friends and co-workers won’t care as much about what gender the baby is. You also don’t want to double up if your having a baby shower too.

Do the guests bring gifts?

No, as the baby shower is for receiving gifts for the baby. While some people feel compelled to bring the host a gift to any party they go to, this should be a very small gift for the mum to be, rather than for the baby.

Do I choose a theme?

As a gender reveal is an intimate gathering, don’t feel that you need to plan an elaborate party with a room full of pink or blue balloons, although you can if you want to! A simple BBQ or dinner is fine. There are a few themes that tie in with having a gender reveal that you can use in the invitations, food and decorations. While some themes are stereotypical, such as tractors or tiaras, there are other themes such as ‘What will it bee?’, ‘Little mister or little sister’ or ‘twinkle little star, how we wonder what you are’.

Do the guests play games at a gender reveal?

There are various games that you can choose from that get your guests choosing what gender they think it will be, from ‘Old wives tales’ to stamping a blue or pink fingerprint for leaves onto a picture of a tree, or wearing a pink or blue peg for their guess. Other games can include guessing the due date, or a time capsule where you write a note for the baby. Keep other games based around the baby theme for baby showers.

How is the gender revealed?

Generally, the parents to be find out the gender at the same time, so it’s a surprise for everyone. You don’t have to compete with coming up with something more inventive than anyone else. While some people object to the stereotype of blue for a boy, pink for a girl, there are other alternatives you can use, such as writing the gender and putting it within the surprise. There are plenty of ideas for how to reveal the gender on Pinterest, blogs or videos circulating on social media. Perhaps you can use an interest of yours or you can keep to the simple cutting of the cake to see if it’s blue or pink icing inside. After all, isn’t everyone just there for the cake?


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