Bed Rest with a Toddler: Part 3 – Looking After Your Toddler

The words ‘toddler’ and ‘rest’ are seldom seen together in the one sentence so it would be hard to imagine how anyone would be able to look after a toddler if you are advised bed rest for your health. While it will certainly be hard, it is usually only for the short term and a few changes might make the world of difference.

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Talk to your Toddler

While your toddler may have difficulty understanding new concepts and communicating, after repeated talks with your toddler, they will start to understand the things that mummy can’t do right now. Get them to understand by using short phrases that they can repeat themselves to make sense of the situation like ‘mummy needs rest’.

Accept Help

Accepting help from others would make the world of difference, so make sure you head over to the first blog in our Bed Rest with a Toddler series. Click Here You might not have family that can help, but there are a few other ideas in the article that you may be able to use.

Help from your Toddler

Most toddlers love to show how independent they are, so ask them for their help where you can. Make some of their clothes accessible so that they can bring you clothes. Perhaps they can dress themselves or put on some of their own shoes. Sometimes adults step in too quickly to get the job done quicker, but now is the perfect time for toddlers to learn some new self help skills.

Do Things Differently

If there are certain things you are not allowed to do, some creative thinking may help you get around some of the difficult parts of the routine. If you can’t lift your toddler into a cot, perhaps you can use a stepladder to help you or have your toddler sleep next to you. Rather than using a highchair, you could get a small toddler chair for them to sit at or put a sheet down as a picnic blanket. Change them on a towel on the floor and give them something exciting to look at so they don’t squirm away.

Keep Items In Close Reach

Keep things close by that you will need throughout the day such as food, wet wipes, water and things to entertain your toddler. Get your partner to rotate the toys that are available every few days by putting toys into small storage containers and bringing out a new one and putting away another into storage. Also check out Part 2 of our Bed Rest with a Toddler series about entertaining a toddler while on bed rest. Click Here


While you might normally pride yourself on creating organic gourmet food for your toddler, you might be better off choosing the easiest option for the time being. Just think about the benefits of listening to the Dr’s orders and tell yourself that it’s not forever. Buy foods that are convenient to prepare and easy for your toddler to eat with minimal mess and washing up. Put the cartoons on TV during the difficult parts of the routine if you have to. Put off things that don’t need to be done yet.

Go Easy on Yourself

You didn’t ask to be in this position so don’t feel guilty. You’re doing your best and you can get through it. What your toddler wants most is love and attention and you can still give your toddler plenty of both.

Did you have to look after a toddler while you were unwell? Comment on your story and tips below!



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