Bed Rest with a Toddler: Part 2 – Toddler Entertainment

Bed rest isn’t fun for anyone but when you have a toddler, you wonder just how you are going to do it. They don’t really understand why mummy can’t take them to the park and to play groups. They just want to play! So we thought we would give you a few ideas for entertaining your toddler while you put your feet up.

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Set Yourself Up for Play

The first thing you will need to think about is creating a space that is convenient for entertaining a toddler and also following doctor’s orders, especially if that includes putting your feet up. Make sure you have the items you need close by so you don’t have to keep getting up all the time. One idea is to put a mattress on the floor in the lounge room. Sure it might look a bit weird, but if it means that your down on the ground playing with your toddler, then it might well be worth it.


Accept Help From Others

If you hear that all too common phrase ‘Let us know if there is any way we can help’ then take them up on the offer! It might be the simplest thing for them to do that might do wonders for you, so just let them know what they can do to help. Most toddlers love chatting to adults and showing off their favourite toys, so invite your friends over and that will be entertainment in itself. Your friends will understand if your house isn’t as clean as usual and if you’re not up to hosting duties. If they have kids, great! Organise play dates at your place! Another idea is to borrow toys from friends that their children aren’t interested in at the moment.


Things from around the Home

Have you ever given your toddler a new toy only to discover they are more interested in the box it came in? Save items from the recycling bin and give them to your toddler instead. They can spend hours putting collected milk bottle lids into a tissue box! Find other items from around the house that they can play with, like old remote controls that you don’t use, the peg basket, and your handbags. Give them the pots and pans to play with if you can stand the banging and clanging. The novelty of new items to investigate is wondrous for toddlers.


Activities You Can Do from Bed

Rather than focusing on the things you normally do with your toddler that you can’t do while on bed rest, think about the things that you can do from bed. Some ideas include finger-plays like ‘Three cheeky monkeys’, singing songs, puppet shows using socks, building blocks on the bed, colouring in, flashlight shadows, go fish if they are older and reading books. You could research paper crafts that would be easy enough to do from bed and playing educational games on the i-pad.

Make sure you don’t beat yourself up. Toddlers want your attention more than anything at this age, so as long as your spending time with them and your going easy on yourself, you will get through this. Don’t feel bad for putting on an afternoon DVD to get through the day. You do what you gotta do!

Did you have a toddler to occupy while on bed rest? Comment below with some of your tips!



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