Bed Rest with a Toddler: Part 1 – Help From Others

Accepting help in the first place is going to be the hard part but put that aside for the health of you and your baby if you are pregnant. It really isn’t worth making health complications worse or putting yourself in hospital if you’re not already there. Whether you are recovering from illness, injury, surgery or have pregnancy complications, we look at ideas for getting help with your toddler from others.

Bedrest with a toddler

Most people will be wanting to help, but they just won’t know how, so give them suggestions on how to help if they offer. The idea of bed rest sounds great to some people, so they won’t be aware of just how difficult bed rest is with a toddler and the health risks that you have. They will probably be more than willing to help if you just tell them how difficult it is and what you need.


Paid Care for your Toddler

If your toddler is at childcare, can you increase their days? If you are a stay at home mum, perhaps you can use care for a short-term arrangement. It might be a bit expensive, but it will be well worth it if you can afford it just for a while. You could arrange childcare, a nanny or an au-pair that lives with you if you have a spare room.


Help from Family

If you can get help from family, then accept it, even if it means that they will be looking after your toddler a bit differently than you would or doing housework differently. You need to try not to sweat the small stuff for the time being. If you can, try to get help during the times you need it most, such as lunch time and putting your toddler down for a sleep or in the afternoons when your toddler gets restless. If you have a few offers of help from family, you could even create a help schedule. For those with family a bit further away, perhaps you could stay with them or they could stay with you, either for an extended time, a few days at a time, or a day a week. Or your toddler could have overnight visits with them once a week.


Partner’s Work Arrangements

Your partner may be able to organise temporary arrangements with his work that may make it a bit easier for your family. This could include reducing work hours, using leave, working from home or changing hours so that he can drop off your toddler to childcare.


Help from Other Sources

If friends or neighbours offer to help, accept it. Ask them to cook you a meal or ask them to come visit to entertain your toddler and bring some take away while they are at it. Contact your mothers group and see if anyone wants to come over for a playdate or even drop over some toys to keep your toddler entertained. If your involved in a church community, they would love to give you a helping hand too.


Help with Housework

Even if your partner works long hours, they can still manage to cook the meals and do the dishes. If the other cleaning needs to wait, then so be it. It might not be how you normally live, but if you keep mentally active with other things, and try not to focus on the piles of laundry, you might just be able to live with it. Perhaps you can get some help from family with the cleaning, get your partner to do it on weekends, or outsource your housework for the short term.

Don’t think that people will think any less of you for accepting help. It is just your ego that is getting in the way and you will feel much better after you get some help. We all need a helping hand some times.

Did you get help from others with your toddler during bed rest? Give your tips below!

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