Pregnancy Isn’t Easy: My Story


The Morning Sickness

When I found out I was pregnant, I already knew that I might be in for some morning sickness. But what I didn’t realise, is that it should be called ‘all day sickness’. When your suffering from morning sickness and your looking at another couple of months feeling this way, you can’t just take a sick day every day. And you can’t look forward to feeling better in a few days time. How am I going to get through another few months feeling this way? And the worst part, is the pretending. You’ve just thrown up in the toilet at work, and you just want to curl up in a little ball, but you have to pretend that everything is fine. And when the morning sickness ends, then your able to announce the pregnancy. Ugh!!!

The ‘Easy Trimester’

I had been counting down the days until my second trimester to when I would feel good again. But my morning sickness continued a few more weeks. I was so anxious that it would continue throughout the whole pregnancy. I don’t think I can do this again! I made a pact with my husband, we are NEVER doing this again. How many other couples say this and then have a second? They tell me you forget how bad it is and go back for another. Should I put a reminder in my diary or something?

So the morning sickness eases and I think I am going to enjoy ‘The easy trimester’. And then I got a cold. The worst cold I have ever had. And it didn’t go away. For the whole second trimester! Your immune system doesn’t work as well during pregnancy. Thanks. I lose my voice. I need to invest in Kleenex shares. I’m sure I’m keeping them in business.

Then a pain in my backside develops and gets so bad that I am limping. I am a limping sneezing pregnant lady. But that all comes with hormones in pregnancy that softens ligaments and then causes pelvic girdle pain. I see a physiotherapist for a very embarrassing bum massage. Wasn’t this meant to be the easy trimester?

The hunger. Oh I thought I was hungry before I was pregnant. But nothing prepares me for this insatiable hunger that I have now. I start peanut butter toast parties at 2am. I will worry about the weight after the baby. I just need to get through this pregnancy. Am I am meant to be glowing yet? A new acne problem has shown up instead.


The Bed Rest

Welcome to the third trimester of my pregnancy, and my blood pressure shoots up. I have to take a few days off work. Then I need to monitor my blood pressure every day while at work, but it keeps going back up. I have to stop working a few months earlier than planned. After what has already been a hard pregnancy already, I didn’t think it would get worst. I get diagnosed with mild pre-eclampsia when the swelling starts. I have to go onto bed rest at home and put my feet up. While I am grateful for the help from my family and my husband, I found it so difficult to accept the help. I feel so guilty that my husband has to work all day, come home to cook, do the housework and then on the weekends he has to finish the nursery and do all the errands. All while I stay on the couch and try to relax. How can I relax with everything that needs to be done? I had plans! I was going to do a big spring clean before the baby, I was going to cook all these meals for the freezer for after the baby. I morn the pregnancy I thought I was going to have. I also try to think of the couples that struggle with infertility and try to be grateful with the healthy baby I am growing. But it’s so damn hard.

With the weight I put on and the swelling, I then pull a muscle in my groin. While on bed rest. I thought this was an injury for athletes? I go back to the physiotherapist for yet another embarrassing massage. Oh and where is that luxurious thick hair you get during pregnancy? I guess I get all the bad symptoms of pregnancy and skip the good. Pregnancy is such a joyful time isn’t it? I guess they never tell you about the difficult pregnancies. I’ve put all my friends off pregnancy now.

The scariest time of my pregnancy comes when I am sitting at home by myself while everyone is at work and then my vision goes all spirally. Like a kaleidoscope. I can’t ring anyone for help because I can’t see. I sit it out and hope for the best. It lasts for half an hour. Just another symptom of high blood pressure. I had a few trips to the hospital when my blood pressure gets too high, and each time I beg them to let me out again. I can’t imagine going though all of this without my husband by myside each night. I know I have to look after myself and my baby, and I am so scared of the risks associated with high blood pressure. What about if something happens?


And After

Yes, definitely not doing this again. Yet, at the time of writing this, we talk about having another in a few years time. Our first is kinda cute so we owe it to the world to make another one. So it can’t be all that bad can it? I am anxious of my next pregnancy. It brings tears to my eyes just thinking about going through all of it again. But there is no guarantee that it is going to be as bad next time. I know what I am in for if it is just as bad. And I did get through it.

My terrible pregnancy became my inspiration for what I do now. A few months into motherhood, I was reflecting on my pregnancy and wondered how other women get through terrible pregnancies. How do women get through bed rest while pregnant if they didn’t have family to help them? I thought about ways I could help other women in this situation. So I started Bedrest Solutions, a maternity concierge service that helps expectant mothers to prepare for the baby and helps with the household too. I know what they are going through. I know how hard it is to work while being pregnant. I know how hard it is to be busy and to try to prepare for the baby as well. So at least something good came out of my difficult pregnancy as well as a gorgeous little girl.

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