How to Plan a Baby Shower for Someone Else

Planning a baby shower for someone else? We look at how to organise a fun baby shower that will be something that the expectant mother enjoys too.

Baby shower host

Find out what the expectant mother wants

You are hosting a baby shower for the mother to be, so naturally the event has to be catered to what she would enjoy, not you. You should ask her if she want’s to be involved in all the decision making for the baby shower or if she would like a surprise. It’s natural that she does want to know everything going on but even if she wants a surprise, it’s best to find out a bit about what she is expecting. Sit down and find out:

  • What kind of baby shower does she want? Casual BBQ at home? High Tea?
  • Who she wants at the shower? Women only? Children? Work colleagues?
  • When does she want the shower? Third trimester? An afternoon event?
  • What types of games does she want? Active group games? Creative games?
  • What is the budget? What does this mean for catering and decorating?

Get organised

Use a checklist to make sure that you have organised everything. You will want to organise things well in advance so that you can take the time to plan a beautiful event and organise all the details. Write down all the details as you organise them.

You may want to also write down a list of all the items that you require, from drinks, to pens for the games, extra toilet paper and decorations. That way you won’t have to make a last minute dash to the shops because you forgot something.

Guest book

Planning the details

Make sure that you take care of details in the planning. If you are having a baby shower during midday, guests will be expecting more substantial food, while an afternoon event will require some finger food. You don’t want the guests to go hungry!

Do the guests know each other? If you have people there that don’t know anyone, be sure to introduce them to others and organise some games that help break the ice.

Is the location hard to find? Make sure you include a map or a description of how to get there in the invitation. Were you clear in the invitation if it is for the whole family or females only?

These details are the ones that require some thought, pre-planning and organisation on your part. The more time you put into thinking about how it will run on the day, the better.

Take the pressure off her

If she is having it at her home, make sure she doesn’t feel the need to play host. Make sure you clean the home for her before the event. During the event make sure that things are running smoothly and guests have everything they need. The mother to be should be mingling with guests and enjoying herself.

Have further questions about hosting an event? Ask them in the comments below!

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