When to have your Baby Shower?

Wondering how far along you should be for when you have your baby shower?

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An Earlier Date

You will want some time after the baby shower to sort out the baby gifts, wash the baby clothes that you have received and organise them into the nursery. Also, shopping for those items that you didn’t get from your gift registry gets increasingly difficult the further you get to your due date. If it’s earlier, you will have time to send out thank you notes, otherwise once the baby comes, there is no chance that is happening! In the final weeks of pregnancy, you will want to know that everything is organised and that you don’t have to worry about getting things done.

You never know when exactly you will deliver your baby. If your having twins, then you would be expecting an earlier arrival, and therefore would be steering clear of a late baby shower.While some pregnancies are classed as high risk from the beginning, other conditions like Pre-eclampsia develop later in the pregnancy and may call for an earlier delivery. Although you don’t wish for something to go wrong, and you don’t want to think about the what if’s, having an earlier baby shower means that you won’t go into labour before the guests arrive!

Do you have to travel anywhere for the babyshower? If your going any further than an hour away from the hospital, then you will also want to have an earlier baby shower so you can stay close to the hospital in those final weeks.

When your in your final month, you will be tired and heavy and probably won’t feel like dressing up. You will feel your best in your second trimester and will be up for celebrating!

A Later Date

Even though up to now we have been suggesting an earlier baby shower, there are some things you have to consider that may push it back a few weeks. You may have to have it after your best friends wedding so that you don’t steal the spotlight from her and if Christmas is coming up, January may be better timing. Is there any other events taking place like moving house?

Making sure that all the important guests are available will factor in the date as well. Discuss their availability first so they don’t miss out and also so you can have all the people there that really matter. If they are busy during your second trimester, then it makes sense to have a baby shower during your third trimester.

After the Baby Comes

An alternative is to have a baby shower after the baby comes. This is helpful if the gender is a surprise, so that once the guests know what gender the baby is, they can buy clothes accordingly. You can also show off the baby too. While some mothers may find it difficult to have an event while they are still settling into motherhood, it suits other mothers just fine, especially if you get help to organise it.

The Verdict?

You don’t want the baby shower any earlier than 28 weeks, as you want to know that the baby is progressing well, and so that you are showing a cute bump as well. We also prefer the idea of having a baby shower that leaves you enough time to get organised. You want it at a time that you can enjoy the celebration and not worry that you will go into labour too!. Around the 30 week mark is ideal, but no later than 34 weeks is fine.

In the end though, its up to you!

When are you planning on having your baby shower? Comment below!


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