How to Plan Games for a Baby Shower

Providing some games at your baby shower makes it fun and gets the guests mingling. There are a range of games available so just how do you choose games that are right for your event? How to plan them?

Baby Shower games

Choosing the right games for your guests

It is best to think about the types of guests that you are inviting. There are a range of games available so if you don’t want the traditional games or you are a bit wary of the adventurous games, then you can keep to a few simple games such as some guessing competitions. If there are men and women then more active games may be popular.

Guest involvement

Do you want everyone to be involved in a group game altogether or do you want people to participate in games while they mingle? You can set up some games on a table that the guests can participate when they wish to during the event.

If you do choose on some active games, don’t force everyone to get involved. Allow guests to participate if they wish. Some guests will have more fun just from watching.

Planning the Games

2 – 4 games are probably a good number depending on how long they take. If your choosing some active games, your guests may get too tired after one or two so you may want to balance it out with some calmer games.

There are printable games that you can buy online that save you a lot of time, but there are plenty of games that you can use props for instead. It depends on how creative you want to get as well.


Types of Games

Active Games

These games are great for if men are invited, more adventurous guests or if you want your guests to be involved altogether. ‘Baby Relay’ is an active game where guests have to be the quickest to get through a number of baby related activities such as drink from a bottle, change a nappy on a doll and sing a lullaby. Another idea is a nappy changing contest.

Group Games

Group games get your guests involved all at once but isn’t as active. ‘Name that Tune’ is where your guests have to name the lullabies or songs with the word baby in it. A good icebreaker for guests who don’t know each other is where guests have to find another guest with the same unique thing as a child, for example, born in another country, or was not born in a hospital.

Creative Games

Creative games can be fun, especially for female only baby showers. We just love the idea of giving your guests fabric pens and onesies (with cardboard between the layers) and being able to look back on them when dressing your newborn.

Guessing Games

Guessing games tend to get everyone involved from the men, your grandma and the most reserved of your friends. A game like ‘Jelly Bean Guess’ can be left on a games table and guests can get involved in the games throughout the event.

Quiz Games

Get your guests involved in a little competition that will have everyone involved from writing down as many baby items that they can think of in a minute, to being the fastest to write down a baby name for each letter of the alphabet.

Getting Organised

Make sure you have everything you need for the games, and everything organised before the day. You may need lots of pens for some games. You may also need to print out instructions to display with the games, or to read out to the guests for group games. Familiarise yourself with how the game works so that it all flows smoothly on the day.


What is your favourite baby shower game? Comment below!

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    1. Yes, ordering supplies online is so easy and is a fantastic way to get decorations that match your theme.

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