How to pick a Baby Shower Theme

A theme helps tie in all the elements of the event together, but how do you go about choosing a theme for a baby shower? It doesn’t have to be elaborate, it can be as simple of a colour theme, but it does have to reflect the mother-to-be somewhat. It’s no good to have a French theme if mother-to-be would rather a casual BBQ affair. If your hosting a baby shower for someone else, we suggest discussing what kind of baby shower she would like, where she would like it, and choosing a theme that compliments this. Below we have outlined some ways that you can go about picking the theme that is right for you.

Baby Shower boy

Theme of the nursery:

If you have a particular theme picked out for the nursery, why not use it for the baby shower too? You have already put your thinking cap on for that, so make it easy on yourself and stick to what you already know you like.

An interest of your own:

If you or your partner have a particular interest such as a favourite sport, you can use that as a baby shower theme. Even if it isn’t related to babies, it can still work!

A colour scheme:

Simply picking a colour or two for the theme makes it easy to tie everything in together such as plates and cutlery to balloons, invitations and decorations. This works well for those that are wanting a laid back event and even though it’s simple, it can be very effective too. Pastel or mint are beautiful ideas, but our favourite colour theme is rose gold for a gorgeous classy event.

A pattern or design:

Another simple yet effective idea is to use a pattern for a theme. It works best if you combine it with a colour scheme too, such as ‘Pink polka dot’.

A style:

Love the rustic look? Perhaps the vintage look? Then use it as your theme! Again, we recommend picking out a colour palette to go with your style. Pinterest would be the best place to get more inspiration for working out colours that are used commonly with the style you have chosen.

Co-gender baby showers:

Inviting males to the baby shower is becoming increasingly popular, which makes some theme’s more suitable than others. You don’t necessarily need a manly theme if this is the case, but some theme’s such as ‘Baby-Q’ for a BBQ shower, might work better than say, a ‘Baby Ballerina’ theme. Or break the stereotype and go for it!

Gender theme’s:

If you know what gender baby you are having, this can help you decide on a theme, unless you want it to be gender neutral. ‘Ahoy, its a boy’ with nautical and pirate styling works well for a boy, while ‘Tickled pink’ is a cute girl theme.


If you are having twins, why not pick a theme that compliments this? ‘2 peas in a pod’ or ‘Thing 1 and Thing 2’ from Dr Seuss would be ideal. After all, not everyone would be able to pick one of these theme’s.

A childhood interest:

Perhaps you loved ‘Winnie the Pooh’, or you loved trains as a child, so why not bring back your childhood memories by using it as your theme?

Second pregnancy:

A baby shower for a second pregnancy is often referred to as a baby sprinkle, as it is usually a smaller event. You can tie it into the theme itself by using a raindrop theme for your ‘Sprinkle Shower’ or have a ‘Springtime Sprinkle’ theme.


The location or type of event can lend itself to a theme, including ‘High Tea’, or a ‘Beauty Shower’ where your guests are pampered, or a ‘Vintage Garden’ theme if it is being held outdoors.

Baby themed:

There are quite a number of baby shower theme’s that use a baby theme (funnily enough) but don’t feel that you necessarily have to pick one of them. We have given you a number of other ways to come up with a theme, so you have a broad range of ideas. A baby theme can be a bit more creative if that’s what your after. ‘Bun in the oven’, ‘Birds and the bees’ and ‘Shake, rattle and roll’ with bottles, rattle’s and pram’s are cute ideas.

Helpful theme’s:

There are a number of theme’s that are helpful if your after something in particular than receiving a whole lot of nappies and baby lotions. ‘Build a library’ is where all the guests bring a book instead of a card. Or a ‘Casserole’ party helps you stock up on frozen meal’s for after the baby comes.

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