What baby items do I need before the baby comes?

So while it might be handy to get all the items you might need for the baby while your pregnant, some expectant mothers might find it a bit difficult due to finances, a difficult pregnancy or they are busy. Here we look at what you need to get before the baby, after the baby comes and later down the track.


What to get now:

Somewhere to sleep: You will need somewhere for the baby to sleep, and a couple of sets of sheets and mattress protectors. Some babies are happy to go straight into the cot but if you are using a bassinet they won’t need a cot for a few months. You will also need a blanket to swaddle them in.

For nappy changes: You will want this set up straight away with a change matt on either a change table or draws at a height that is comfortable, nappies wipes and barrier cream. You will need a nappy bin too.

Clothes and somewhere to store them: You will need some onesies but don’t go overboard. Just get a few and see what you get as presents. The baby grows so quickly and you can always get more later of what you need. You will need draws or somewhere to store the baby clothes and a clothes hamper to put the dirty clothes.

For outings: A car seat needs to be correctly installed well before the due date just in case the baby decides to come early. A pram is also useful for your outings and for babies naps during the day when they are being difficult to get to sleep. You will also need a nappy bag too.


What to get after the baby comes:

For sleeping: If you haven’t got a cot already, you will need one after a couple of months as the baby outgrows the bassinet quickly. You also need cot sheets and mattress protectors. Don’t worry about cot bumpers, they pose a safety risk. You might also need a sleeping bag as your baby moves around more and gets out of the swaddle. Some babies don’t sleep that well around noise and people so you might need a baby monitor and something to play music so that everyone can get on with things without having to tiptoe around.

For bathing: You can get away with a sink for a little while but as your baby gets bigger a baby bath comes in handy, with a baby ramp to keep their head elevated above the water. A few baby towels are handy too but don’t worry about getting a whole lot of baby lotions. Just some mild soap is all most babies need.

For feeding: If you have trouble breastfeeding or milk supply, then go out and get formula, bottles and a breast pump. You can save yourself some money by waiting to see how it goes after you have the baby. You might also need a breastfeeding pillow.

For playing: Babies do a lot of feeding and sleeping in the early days so don’t worry about getting anything right away. You will need somewhere to put the baby like a rocker or bouncer when they have had enough of tummy time.

Other bits and pieces: Soon enough your little one will get a blocked nose and a nasal aspirator will be your best friend. A thermometer and baby nail clippers will come in handy too. You might want to try a dummy if you find your baby is a bit unsettled. Car window sunshades and a mirror to see what your baby is up to come in handy once you start getting out and about more.

What to get later:

For feeding: Somewhere between 4 – 6 months your little one will start solids, which means you need to get a highchair, a portable feeding chair, spoons, bowls and a sippy cup.

For playing: Your baby will need toys that are easy to grab onto once they are ready around 3 months and an activity gym with dangling toys. You might want to find some other source of entertainment for your baby like an activity table that they can sit in or walker or jolly jumper as they spend more time awake. Books become very interesting to babies and are good for their development, even from a young age.

For safety: As your baby starts roll over and crawl, you will need to baby proof the place if you haven’t already. You will need baby gates, safety latches and outlet covers as well as moving unsafe items out of harms way.


As each baby is different, sometimes it pays to wait until they are born to see what they need and what works for them. A lot of parents spend a whole lot of money getting a whole lot of stuff they never end up using!

Did you wait until after the baby to get some things? What did you put off buying until later? Comment below.


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