Essential Baby Items to Handy Items to have.

We have previously posted the ultimate baby checklist, but what about if you don’t have the money to splash or your worried about getting items that you might not end up using? Here we talk about what you definitely need and what things are handy to have and the rest.

Bringing home baby

Essential Items:

Somewhere to sleep: The baby will need somewhere to sleep such as a cot or a bassinet, as all other options aren’t as safe such as co-sleeping, or sleeping in a pram or carrier when your not around i.e. at night when your trying to get a few hours of much needed sleep yourself. You also need a couple of sheets and a mattress protector. Anything else in the cot is not needed and poses a safety risk too.

Something to sleep in: A blanket, sleep-bag or swaddle is needed too. In the beginning babies do fine in a well wrapped blanket. After a few months when they start moving more, you will need some other type of sleep bag.

Nappies: You need nappies of some kind and wipes, what type you get is up to you. Handy to have some barrier cream too to stop nappy rash.

A car seat and pram: For transporting your little bundle of joy. You don’t need the most expensive pram on the market either, there are cheap ones that are just as safe, that convert for babies and toddlers and that are just as easy to use.

Clothes: And lastly, you will need some comfortable clothes for the baby. You don’t need many of each size and onesies will do. You will probably get some from friends and family so don’t go overboard with how many you get.

Handy Items:

While it is handy to have these items, each baby is different so while an item might be very useful for one baby, it might not be as useful for another. If you don’t get the following items and find that you come across a problem, get your family to pick up an item or send your partner out.

Monitor and music: Some babies don’t sleep that well with a lot going on around them. In that case a baby monitor becomes so useful and something that plays music in the babies room makes it a lot easier for the baby to sleep without everyone having to tip toe around.

Bottles: If breastfeeding or milk supply becomes an issue then you can go out and get bottles and formula and a breast pump, along with a bottle brush. A steriliser isn’t actually needed.

Somewhere to put the baby: While you can put your baby on a blanket on the ground, it is handy to have something to put the baby in when they are a bit unsettled such as a baby carrier, baby rocker or baby bouncer.

Draws: You will need somewhere to store all your baby clothes and toys.

Other handy things: Other bits and pieces include baby nail scissors or clippers, a thermometer to check their temperature, a nasal aspirator as they can’t breath as well through their mouth when they have a blocked nose, dummies if the baby will take one, and baby laundry detergent if you don’t want to wash their clothes in your one yet.

And the Rest:

All the other baby things aren’t really needed but are just to make life that little bit easier if you can afford them.

Nappy bin: While you can put your dirty nappies into any waste basket, nappy bins seal the smell away.

Change mat: You can buy just a change mat with the lipped edges that help prevent the baby rolling out and put it onto some draws but a change table makes it a good height with all the storage you need.

Baby bath: You can get away with just using the sink to begin with, but a baby bath with a baby ramp and baby towels make it easier.

For the car: A car mirror to see what your bub is up to and a window shade to stop the sun getting on your baby.

Substitute things you already have for what you need: A cushion can be used as a breastfeeding pillow, a backpack can be used for your nappy bag, blankets can be used as play mats, a lounge chair can be used as a feeding chair, mild soap can be used as baby soap and washes can be used as burp cloths.

Well we have looked at what is essential, what is handy, and then what makes life easier. As we have said each baby is different, and each family is different so the things that work for them is different.

What item could you not live without? Comment below!

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