How much baby stuff do I really need?

As a first time expectant mother, it might be hard to know what you do need and what things are optional. Although babies are pretty small, they do need a lot of stuff but you can easily get overwhelmed with all the baby products that are out there.

baby things

Second hand

If you let people know your happy with second hand things, you might be surprised at how much you get through friends of friends. You might end up only needing to buy a couple of things! Make sure to get a new car seat or know the condition of the one your getting, and check that everything else is up to the new safety standards, especially for cots.

There are also second hand baby markets too. You can get a pram for $50 rather than over $1000 for a new one. A lot of the time you can’t even tell items are second hand, as babies grow up quickly, so they don’t use anything for long. It’s hard to know exactly what products suit your lifestyle and your baby so don’t spend too money on each item. A jolly jumper can be great fun for one baby, but not for another.

When to buy baby items

Wait until after your baby shower so that you know what you will be getting from friends and family, and what you still need. You may be given all the newborn nappies that you need, or lots of baby clothes.

Baby play

There are many types of things you can buy to place the baby into, but at the end of the day just one rocker will do and it doesn’t need to be anything fancy. One that rocks the baby back and forth can sooth¬† an upset baby if your busy but its not something you have to have.¬†Your baby will need plenty of tummy time on a blanket. In a few months they will need a few toys that are easy to grab too.

Baby clothes

It’s surprising just how quickly babies grow out of clothes. In summer your baby will just need a singlet and a nappy. Although they might need a few sets as they may vomit a bit on them, you can buy basics for everyday wear. You will get enough cute clothes from presents to last you.

Essential baby list

Check out our ultimate list of baby items of essential and optional items.


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