Easy food for bed rest

So you have been prescribed bed rest and can’t spend your time on your feet cooking. Here are a few ideas so that your not ordering take away every meal.


Microwave ready

There is a good variety of frozen meals out there, but you may end up getting sick of them soon enough, so keep them just for dinners, or as a back up. Supermarkets are also catering more to people who are wanting convenient meal options such as microwave bowls. Some supermarkets even have a freshly made sushi selection! Either get a family member to pick you up some groceries or order online. Microwave popcorn also makes a healthy snack.

Just add boiling water

From Mac and Cheese to cup of noodles and cups of soups that you can have with bread, there are a number of options that you can have for hot meals that aren’t your typical frozen meal. There is also instant oatmeal for a warm breakfast option.

Simply made

For lunches you can have ready made quiche bought from the supermarket, sandwiches with a variety of fillings that you can change up often, and wraps for something different. Leftovers from the night before is always a yummy option too. Cereal for breakfast is an easy option, choosing between the healthier ones with less sugar.


Although there is a lot of easy snack options, you can stick to healthy options such as fruit, vegetable sticks with dip, yogurt and protein shakes.

Prepared food

You also have the option of buying all your food already made and prepared such as lite n easy. They come in different calorie plans to suit you, and you can also choose plans from lunches only, dinners only or other combinations. Although it might be a little more expensive, it does mean that your getting quality food, with good variety and less worry.

Help from friends and family

You might have family and friends that can help cook you meals that you can freeze and take out as you need them. If people offer help, take it! They can pick up a BBQ chicken and some rolls as a healthy option to take away.

We would love to hear your suggestions of easy foods below!

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