Beating the Bed rest Blues

Being stuck on bed rest can be difficult. You have things to do and on top of that, you have people telling you to enjoy resting. We have a few tips to help you beat the bed rest blues.


Immerse yourself

Even if your a sporting enthusiast or a keen cyclist, there is sure to be some sort of entertainment that you can find of interest, even if its not your usual hobby. You may just have to try a couple of things to find something you like. Read a new book series, watch a new series on Netflix, do craft, Sudoku, crosswords or download a new game on your phone. Rather than sit there complaining about the things you can’t do, keep yourself busy with the things you can do.

Learn something new

There are plenty of tutorials on YouTube that can teach you a new skill such as crocheting, or free online short courses on Open 2 Study, or other interesting information to learn about any number of topics online. Even if you can’t keep physically active, you can still be mentally active.

Do things that make you feel good

Even if you think there may be no point in grooming if nobody is going to see you, something as simple as brushing your hair or putting on a bit of makeup can really set the tone for feeling positive about yourself. Find things that you can look forward to each day, such as a bubble bath or phoning a friend.

Structure your day

You may wake up wondering how you are going to get through yet another day of boredom, but structuring your day can really make you feel more in control of your situation and your day. You can set a time each day for grooming, eating, learning, different forms of entertainment and for other things you need to do.

Keep your eye on the prize

Think about the benefits of why your on bed rest in the first place. Write it down and pin it up where you can see it and remind yourself of the good your doing. Find positive quotes on the internet, read an inspirational book, or follow someone positive on Instagram to keep your mind in the right place. You may not be in control of what happens to you, but you do have the option of how you will react to your situation. Focus on what you can do, forget the rest.

Reach out

If it does get too much, make sure you reach out to someone who can help. Even just talking to a friend about how difficult you are finding it can really help you get it off your chest. It’s perfectly understandable to feel down at times in your life. You can find help with Beyond Blue, call Lifeline on 13 11 14, or talk to your health care provider about how your feeling. You don’t have to suffer alone.

We would love to hear your tips on beating the bed rest blues. Please comment below!

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