Babyshower on Bedrest

Can I still have a babyshower?

If you have just been prescribed bedrest, you may be wondering if you can still have a babyshower. Of course you can! You just have to modify your plans to suit the type of bedrest you are on. You will most likely need gifts before the baby comes and if you are on bedrest, you are probably bored anyway and could use some celebrating with friends and family to lift your mood.


What type of bedrest are you on?

What type of bedrest you are on really impacts what type of babyshower you can arrange. If you are arranging a shower for someone else that is on bedrest, find out exactly what she is allowed to do. Does she have to stay in bed or can she be sitting for small periods of the day? Can she sit in a recliner chair with her feet elevated? Or is she in hospital?

Location of the babyshower

Hospital babyshower

If you are in hospital, talk to someone at the hospital if there is an area there that you can use. They might have a conference room you can use or use the cafeteria. Otherwise have a virtual shower on skype, or have a small celebration in your hospital bed.

Bedroom babyshower

Some women don’t like the idea of everyone seeing them in bed, so they opt for a virtual babyshower on skype. Otherwise think about ways you can decorate and celebrate in the bedroom. You may have to limit the number of guests, but a small intimate gathering of close friends in your bedroom will still be a way of celebrating this special time.

Virtual babyshower

If you opt for a virtual babyshower, arrange for the presents to be sent to you by stating “Shower her from afar” on invitations and open them up when everyone is watching on skype. There are also games that can be sent to your guests before hand such as writing their wishes for the baby and baby name suggestions, which can then be sent in to the expectant mother to read.

Feet up babyshower

If you are on modified bedrest, you may be able to sit up for the baby shower on a recliner chair either at home, or at  location that does not involve much walking to get to if you are able to arrange a recliner chair there.

Assistance for the babyshower

You will need help for both organising the baby shower and assistance on the day. You may be able to shop for some of the supplies such as food and decorations online yourself and then just have help on the day. If your babyshower is at home, organise cleaning for the day before the shower. You may feel a bit awkward asking for help, but your friends and family won’t mind helping if you delegate a small task each. Decide what needs to be done and who will is in charge of that well in advance.

Games for the babyshower

Think about games that suit the type of babyshower you are hosting. Craft type activities may be a bit difficult in a hospital room or a bedroom. We mentioned above that wishes for the baby and baby name suggestions work well for virtual babyshowers, but they also work well anywhere.

We would love to hear your babyshower on bedrest, please comment below and let us know.


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