How to pack your hospital bag

Deciding what to pack

Deciding what to pack in your hospital bag is an individual preference, so think about what items you can’t live without. Some people need their pillow from home, some people want to bring something to help them through the labour such as music, while others want to pack the minimum. Also, find out what your hospital will provide you, as this differs greatly.

Packing ahead of time

We suggest packing at least a month before your due date so your prepared. It may be useful to buy extra items to pack so that you don’t have to worry about packing lots of things last minute. Buy an extra toothbrush and toothpaste at the supermarket that you can pack straight away. The same goes for most of the toiletries and if you have an extra phone charger. Then keep a list handy of what you need to pack last minute when you do go into labour.

Packing your belongings

I suggest packing your items into three bags so that everything is organised. You will want your labour bag to include just the items that you need during labour, so it can just be a small one, or a separate section of your other bag. Remember that it will most likely be your partner searching for your hair elastic for you, and he will be having a man-look. Make it easier for the both of you to keep it all separate. Then you will need another bag with your belongings, your partner’s belongings and your cute little baby belongings. Our hot tip is to pack an extra’s bag, which can be left with family. It just has extra’s that you may need in case you have an extended stay in hospital after a Cesarean or you run out of something and can be brought in just if you need it.

What to pack

Your labour bag: It’s a good idea to keep this bag close by you wherever you go during the last few weeks. You may want entertainment for the labour, a headband, massage oil and your birth plan if you have one.

Belongings bag: This could be left in your car or close by you. Make sure your clothes are breastfeeding friendly and aren’t too small, as you will still look 6 months pregnant after the baby. Pack cheap black underwear, sanitary pads, cash for the vending machine, toiletries, a plastic sauce bottle to wash stitches, and a hairdryer to dry stitches, Your partner will need a change of clothes, and a phone charger. Pack your baby a going home outfit, a newborn dummy, and a blanket. You will also need a car seat installed for getting your baby home.

Extra’s bag: Have extra clothes and maternity pads in an extra bag that you can leave in the car or with family that could be brought in with them when they visit.

Last minute items

Keep a list of items that you need to pack last minute so you don’t forget anything when the time comes. This would include your phone, wallet, makeup bag and glasses if you need them.

Once your packed, sit back, relax and wait for the journey of a lifetime!


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